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U.S./New York : Of Bridges & Pizzas

I was staying at my friend’s posh apartment at 60th street in Manhattan when one day we decided to cross the East River to a vantage point that offers a spectacular view of the Brooklyn Bridge at night.  The scenery has been featured in countless movies.

Directions given by those who have been there, instructed us to go to Empire Fulton Ferry State Park.  So we took the subway station nearest my friend’s place, Columbus Circle, made one line transfer and alighted at High Street station in Brooklyn. After a short walk from High Street station we arrived at….

….the Brooklyn Bridge Park and enjoyed the view of Manhattan from there.  With the sun about to set behind the concrete jungle of Manhattan, it created a silvery gray backdrop.  However, it was still not the recommended position to enjoy the best view of the Brooklyn Bridge at night.  We walked for 7 minutes to the north until we reached the Empire Fulton Ferry State Park.  The park is actually in between Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge.

From the park and facing Manhattan, to the right is the historic Manhattan Bridge….

…and to the left is the more famous Brooklyn Bridge with an overwhelming view of Manhattan’s skycrapers.

Since it was summertime, sunset was around past 8pm so we waited for almost one hour for darkness to set in.

At exactly 810pm , we took this shot of the bridge after all the camera aperture adjustments; not the best but it was okay for us.  It would have been more breathtaking if the WTC twin towers were still there.

As the camera tripod had been set, we took turns in having our portrait taken.  First my friend, Roseller….

…and then myself.

Before we left the park I had a shot taken on the rocks with the Manhattan Bridge as background.

We ended the day below the Brooklyn Bridge at Grimaldi’s Pizzeria, judged as New York’s best by some reviewers.

Was it good?  Definitely it was!  The coal-brick oven is probably the key to its divine taste. It was worth queueing for and in my opinion it’s not over-hyped as some are claiming. Is it really the best?  I can’t tell.  To rank it as the best pizza in New York, I should have tasted all the other competitors such as John’s Pizzeria, Lucali & Lombardi’s.  But surely, it was one of the best tasting pizzas I ever had.

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